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Start-up Dynamic Website - Rs. 10000 (INR)

Product Inclusions:
Pages 2 static 3 dynamic Email ID(s) 3 Hosting 1 GB MB Image Slider No SEO Friendly Yes Wide Range of Themes Yes Expert customer support Yes Product Price Rs. 10000 (INR) Rs. 15000 33% Off You save Rs. 5000
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Start-up Dynamic is a complete solution for a small or a growing business where your potential customers can leave a feedback or an enquiry which is emailed to you on a desired email ID. 3 Email IDs help you categories your emails for different purpose such as contact@websitename.com, sales@websitename.com or personal.name@websitename.com. You get an additional 6th page to provide information about the history of your organization or detailed information about your services or products. If needed, you can buy additional pages or other add-ons. The Ultra 6 Website will soon feature in Google after it goes live. Most importantly, it will adjust itself properly if viewed on a Mobile Phone.

Package Details,

• 5 Static Pages (Home, Enquiry Included)
• Attractive Home Page Design
• Content Management System
• 3 Animated Image Slider
• Online Enquiry Form (five standard fields)
• Domain Name for 1 year
• 1 GB Hosting space for 1 year
• 3 Email Id
• Site Map Creation
• 2 Month of Free Website Maintenance
• Search Engine Submissions
• Google Local Business Centre Submission
• 3 Month of Free Website Maintenance
• CMS Panel for Text and Image Editing

  • Step 1 → You purchase a WebIGrow website package of your choice.
  • Step 2 → Our executive calls you and helps you choose a suitable theme.
  • Step 3 → The executive helps you provide all necessary inputs.
  • Step 4 → We develop a professional website with your inputs and guidelines.
  • Step 5 → Upon your approval, the website goes live.
  • Step 6 → We remain available to you for you for any further updates you might need.

Package Options:

Start-up Dynamic Website Rs. 10000
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Do I get a proper website?
Any website developed at WebIGrow is a proper, professional website with web hosting. It will be listed by Google within 1 month, faster if SEO efforts are taken. Each website is designed by a skilled web designer with adequate experience.
Are WebIGrow websites designed by a website-builder?
No. A website builder totally lacks the human element as well as understanding of a lot of aspects. All websites at WebIGrow are designed by expert web designers who understand how search engines work and what exactly is required to impress a visitor who may be a potential customer or a client. Unlike a website builder, our web designers will guide you while receiving your brief so that you get a website that works for you.
Do I get a sub-domain name or a proper domain name?
Both the features are available based on your requirement. WebIGrow provides you a decent web hosting service that displays your website to the visitors with a good performance. WebIGrow will register a domain for you if you need one, in which case it will have a proper URL. But if you do not need a domain name to start with, you can have a website with a sub-domain name of your choice (subject to availability), which you can share with your contacts through a link. Later, if you need a domain name, we will register one for you and attach it with your website at no further cost.
How long will my website be there on the Internet?
We provide you one year hosting plan in the start-up plan, so your website will be there for one year without any hosting-related hassles. Just like any other website, you will have to renew the web hosting and your domain name if you choose to get one, every year.
Why should I get a WebIGrow website?
Here are the main reasons:
  • a. WebIGrow websites are designed by professional web designers who try to understand your business at human level.
  • b. WebIGrow provides you with a Client Servicing Executive whom you can reach on his/her dedicated phone number with any queries or doubts you may have. This person will be your single-point-of-contact with WebIGrow, who will be assigned with the duty of solving all your issues in the best possible manner
  • c. A WebIGrow website with a domain name is a proper and complete website that can provide minimum required information about the business/activities of all those for whom it is suitable. It also contains a Contact-us form which gathers all the data entered by the visitor and emails it to you at your desired email ID.
  • d. WebIGrow has a large team working at a cost-effective model which allows WebIGrow to offer an attractive price-range for the work that would otherwise cost several times more.
Are there any hidden charges?
There are no hidden charges. Each WebIGrow website comes with 1 year hosting. So, even if you do not get a domain name, a WebIGrow website works perfectly with a sub-domain name. Applicable service tax is also included in the mentioned price.