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Link Exchange and Back-linking

Referrals or references are the best way to determine if a certain product or service is good or not. Just the way it works in the real world, you go to a restaurant recommended by a friend or use a shampoo that worked for someone you know, it works in the online world as well. Only, in the world of internet a reference is nothing but a link on a website other than yours. In other words, if there is a website with a link to your website, preferably hosting the content similar to your website, a search engine counts it as one good reference to your website. A search engine believes that your website must be providing something that is useful which is why that website has placed a link to your website.

Every reference to your website is called as a back-link. And it is extremely important from the SEO point of view that your website has as many back-links as possible. At WebIGrow our SEO content writers and back-link experts help you get genuine back links that a search engine such as Google puts a lot of value on. The best way to get a back link is to approach a similar website and ask the web master to provide your website a link accompanied by some well written, original content. In return you do the same for that website. This mutual way of building reliable, genuine back links that a search engine trusts is called as Link Exchange.

To conduct proper link exchange, one needs to be on a constant lookout for similar websites and putting requests through properly drafted mails. At WebIGrow, through our constant efforts of providing building good connections, we know several successful websites from different professions that are eager to provide links to similar websites in return to a link to their website. We use this network for our clients to help them build a strong bank of back links in a short period of time.