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7 Things to look for in a web development company

Over the last decade, the web development industry has grown leaps and bounds. A field that was considered to have a great potential for business now already draws highly significant investments from leading business in form of online trading websites and digital advertising. All of this points at one fact – every business needs a great website to grow, or, at least, to remain in competition. And with this fact comes a diehard necessity – every business needs to hire a web development company as a long term associate.

The idea that you get a website designed and say goodbye to the web development company like you would to your construction contractor is now well inside the grave. The main reason behind this is that a website can take your turnover to a level you never imagined, but for that your website also needs to keep evolving. And, unlike your office interior decorator, you cannot change the web development company that designed your website between two phases of development. Your web development company, like your doctor, has already spent an effort in understanding your business and your necessities, has spent a considerable effort in development of this website and has already put together a team of developers who know the project inside out. This makes your web development company an important associate with whom you share a great level of comfort that translates into efficiency. In short, your web development company is going to be your long term associate and is going to contribute heavily to your success.
This leads to an all important question.

How to select a web development company?

Naturally, any long term alliance, especially if it’s the one that’s going to determine your business growth over the next many years, should be the result of a cautious and circumspect search. You cannot associate with a weak web development company or with the one that is too big to take your business seriously. But more than that, you should not associate with a web development company that isn’t well equipped in all necessary areas of today’s web industry. Here are the seven essential things a web development company should have for you to take it seriously.

7 Important Aspects to Look for in a Web Development Company

1. Capable Management. Your web development company must understand your business perfectly before it starts providing you solutions.

The main job of a web development company is to provide solutions to its clients who may belong to any stream of business. Like a good chartered accountant can provide effective solutions to a wide range of business entities, a web development company also needs to do the same. So, what is it that makes this possible? Obviously, a good, smart and intelligent management. If a businessman who sells T-shirts approaches a web development company with a requirement to get a website designed, the think-tank at the top level management of the web development company will first understand the market instead of straight away appointing developers on the task.

Like a good screenplay decides how well the movie is going to be, a good plan and strategy regarding what should be the target audience for a t-shirt website, how the website should look in order to appeal to this audience and how it should it be promoted through SEO and social media promotion will determine how this website will perform once it is launched. There are several instances of websites being scrapped after spending a lot of money to be re-designed again. A wise management at the top of the web development company plays a major role in avoiding this scenario.

2. Capable web development team. A website needs to excel in several technical departments.

Although we only see the interface of the website and determine whether it is good or bad based on that, it is only the tip of the iceberg. When you run a search for any keyword you will find many websites appearing in the results that aren’t half as good-looking as some of the other websites which will never make it in the search results. Not only that, but these websites all but read your mind and provide you with all the things that you need. They load quickly and do not hang in between. These are the websites that perform well. The reason behind this is that these have a good web development team supporting them.

To start with, the web development team working with your web development company should be a sizeable one. A core web development team of two or three web developers hardly makes a team. There should at least be a team as big as a two digit number. And the accumulated experience of at least four to five years attached with the profiles of the web developers in this team counts big time. Every experienced web development company knows that its web developers need to be aware of multiple development platforms and they need to be constantly updated to keep tabs on the ever changing and ever evolving web development scenario that offers new tools and ways to keep improving. In short you need to approach a web development company with a significant, capable and responsible team of web developers.

3. Creative web designing capabilities.

Although over the last few years technical aspects have come into play a great deal, a good creative interface still earns its brownie points. Once all your SEO features and online advertising have brought in a potential customer on the website, it is up to your website to convert that lead into a solid enquiry. This is the reason why a good web development company will always have creative web designers and illustrators in its team. These days, the creativity concerning web designing is not restricted only up to giving the website a good look and feel but it also concerns improving the intensity of the message by adding an imaginative touch while planning interfaces and through a good use of images and graphical representations. It also helps if the web designers at your web development company can put together nice images or quick videos made out of them. A small but nice graphic design comes in handy not only on the website but also to promote it on your Facebook page or through other social media websites. Hence it is an excellent point if you go for a web development company that has creative professionals in its team.

4. Client servicing

The process of web development can be a lengthy one, especially if the scope of the website is bigger. The communication between the client and the web development company plays a very important role during this in determining how efficiently the project will be achieved. Thus, it is extremely necessary that there be a single point of contact between the client and the development team at the web development company.

This person, the single point of contact, needs to be qualified and experienced enough to conduct proper communication to get all the inputs from the client and to pass them on to the web development team with proper instructions. The role of a client servicing executive may not occur to be as important when you think of web development and all the technical as well as creative difficulties in it, but it is. While this role mostly determines how efficiently the project will be handled, without having to waste too much time and money on revisions, at times, it also determines how well the product will come up. This especially holds true if the client servicing executive has their own vision and a capability to understand the client’s business and its requirement. More often than not a graduate of the management stream is the most suitable candidate for this position. Thus, while selecting a web development company, a client must make sure that they are not going to waste too much effort in communicating and re-communicating by ensuring that the web development company has a team of capable client servicing executives.

5. Testing

Once a website is fully developed by the team of designers and programmers, it needs to be tested by a qualified software tester, who is educated in methodical ways of finding bugs that may lead to embarrassment or malfunction once the website is uploaded or security hazards from hacking. This makes a software tester an important asset for any web development company that boasts of having a professional approach. The web developer who developed the website may test the website, but that will never be the same as it being tested by a full-time tester who holds expertise in the task. A tester will take their time to thoroughly test the website and at the end of it will prepare a detailed report that will help the developers find various flaws in the website that they may not have found until reported by end users or a miffed up client. Often, a web development company may have only one software tester for a team of seven or eight web developers, but even that achieves a good team balance as the work of a software tester starts only after the web development team has finished its job. Sometimes, on urgent projects, simultaneous testing is also carried out. But whether after the web development process or during it, it is very necessary to have a web development company with a proper software tester in the team.

6. Social Media Optimization/Promotion, a boon for several businesses

Nobody can underestimate the power of social media these days. Social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter and some other websites such as YouTube have become increasingly popular among advertisers and promoters due to their free promotional features and high value for money advertising. Hence a progressive web development company will put value on having marketing professionals who understand the social media. A website such as Facebook provides excellent features to narrow down your advertisement TG to a very small segment. For example a web development company can set up a Facebook page for their client, a small restaurant in a city, and target the audience between a specific age-range residing in one particular city. If the client were a small boutique selling women’s apparel, the web development company may even target only the ladies, so that the advertisement will be shown only to the female audience. Features such as these make it possible for small businesses to advertise themselves to a very relevant audience without wasting a chunk of their budget advertising at the wrong places. Such advertising can be very effective and can right away make a palpable difference to the business turnover. However, a web development company with SMO capabilities can use the same social media website to target a wide audience from across the country or across the globe for its clients.

These days, a good web development company possesses smart executives who are skilled in handling social media websites to their client’s benefit through paid or unpaid means. Hence you must make sure that your web development company is equipped with the same.

7. In-house hosting

Web hosting is one of the most important services availed by a web development company and its clients. Many small web development companies rely upon bigger companies for this service. But at times it leads to difficult situations that often lead to a website downtime or a longer appearance of a snag. To avoid such unpleasant situations, it is very necessary that a web development company quips itself with its own web hosting set-up. Now, even if this is not a dedicated web hosting setup it is all right because only a large web development company with hundreds of employees will be able to afford one. Even a bulk re-seller account will do. What is important is that your web development company should be able to set up a web hosting at a short notice and should also be able to access all its websites as and when needed without making requests to the third parties. A cautious client will always make sure that a certain web development company has its own web hosting account before taking their business in.