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Simple Steps on How to Make Money from a Website

Your business is doing well. Congratulations! Or, it’s probably not doing as well as you want it to. Understood! For your business to succeed like any other, it’s important that you keep finding new customers. This happens in two ways. One: if you are operating in a small or big town, there are a lot of customers who find out about your business and come to you instead of you going to them. Two: Sometimes you spend money on advertising or spread verbal awareness about your products or services. But here, we are proposing the third way, which is far more effective and may give you ten or hundred or even a thousand times more customers, depending upon how hard you are going to squeeze the accelerator. What we propose is simple… let us build a good website for your business so that people who look for a business like yours on Google or other search engines will find you. It works.

How can a website increase your business ?

It’s simple. Let us assume that you have a restaurant in Pune. Now, there are many people in your city that have tried all the restaurants they know and need a change. Some might ask around for options, but those who are now getting net-savvy with smart phones and broadband connections on their laptops will simply go to Google and say 'restaurants in Pune'. Links to the websites of all the smart restaurant owners who have cared to get a good presence on the internet will appear right before this person, who will simply click on one of the websites. If it’s a good website, they will go to this restaurant. Congratulations! You have now achieved the first step on learning how to make money by increasing your business through a website.

This illustration shows that as many as 2400 people enter the keyword ‘restaurants in Pune’ from India every month. Given the growing popularity of Internet due to smart phones, this number is going to grow up in coming years.

Here are the search results displayed in Google upon entering the keyword 'restaurants in Pune'. A lot of successful restaurants have already got a good website which appears before the potential customers. Google also offers a lot of paid listing in search results, which is an effective way to spend your advertising budget. But even to avail that, you need a Good website.

What’s the first step to get to the customers using Google ?

The answer is simple. Google looks for websites. So, you need a good website, a website that highlights all your best features and USPs that will make your potential customer try out your products or services. Getting a decent website won’t even cost a lot of money as compared to the results it can bring in.

Is it enough to get a website to get business from the Internet ?

Well, getting a good website is more than half the battle won. Once you have got a good website, you need to bring traffic to it, so that people will see it and purchase your products or services. This can be done through two methods, one is paid advertising and other one is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Here’s how both the ways work.

1st Way on How to Make Money through a Website - Paid Advertising , the fastest way: This gives you immediate results. If you decide to get a good website and then use paid advertising, you can be ready within 10 days from this idea popping up in your mind. Once your website is ready you can immediately start bringing potential customers to it through the use of Paid Advertising. How to make money is about how to invest your money smartly. Two of the most popular means of paid advertising today are to advertise either through Google or through Facebook. Now, which one works for you depends on your business. For instance, if you have a restaurant, you want to reach out to the people from your city, for which Facebook offers excellent features as you can target your audience based on the city and age groups. But if you have a hotel and you want to market your wonderfully appointed or economical rooms, Google will work best for you. Because, using Facebook, it’s hard to pick a person from another city who wants to come to your town for two nights. But this person will go to Google and search for hotels in your town. If you have a paid advertise going on, they will see the name of your hotel in the top three names in the list and click on your website. If you have a really good website with an e-commerce module that accepts online payments, the person book a room right away and close the search. How to make money through paid advertising is the job of an experienced campaigner who has run several campaigns successfully for different business. Fortunately, you can find one right here.

Here is the list of paid advertisers featuring in search results when you enter the search term ‘hotels in Chandigarh’ in Google. As you can see, all these hotels have excellent websites, through which they can make use of paid advertising right away. They have to pay, only if their link is clicked.

2nd Way on How to Make Money through a Website - Search Engine Optimization (SEO), invest for a few months and reap free benefits for years to come:

Google only started offering paid advertising after it became the single choice of the web surfers. Until then it was, and even today its, the most important feature of Google to find out the most relevant websites for the entered keyword and list them in the order of relevance, i.e., the most relevant at the top. If your website is relevant, Google does not ask for money to list it in the search results. This gave birth to Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO is nothing but identifying a keyword that people enter at a high frequency and include it in your website in such a way that Google rates you high in relevance when that search term is entered. In simpler words, SEO is all about impressing Google and other search engines such as Yahoo and Bing that your website caters the most relevant information on the entered keyword.

SEO is all about what parameters Google checks in your website to decide your relevance with the keyword. And the list of these parameters is so long that just reading it will exhaust you. Yet for example, Google checks your HTML Page Title, Heading 1 and Heading 2, the content on your website, the Meta tags and Alt tags in your website and so on. But this isn’t all. Google also looks for a lot of other factors such as code-to-text ratio, downloading time and page rank of your website, its sitemap and, most importantly of all, the number of back-links your website has. Getting a back-link on the internet means some website other than yours has spoken about your website in some way and has displayed a link to your website or to a page on it. Google considers this as a positive reference given by an external website because your website deserves it for some reason.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) carried out by an SEO expert is nothing but making sure that your website targets a certain keyword and to ensure that it matches most of Google’s parameters to become more and more relevant as long as that keyword is concerned. One of the major roles of an SEO expert is to generate reliable back-links for your website that will be accepted by Google and other search engines as genuine references and not just the back-links planted for SEO purpose.

What is the importance of Keyword Research ?

Keyword research bears high importance in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) if you are concerned with how to make money through websites. If your keyword research yields wrong results, or you simply go ahead without keyword research, you will be wasting your entire Search Engine Optimization (SEO) budget chasing keywords that either nobody uses much or already have so much competition that your website with your budget will never be able to beat it.

Keyword Research is an SEO technique that helps find out all the search terms that are out there. For example, some might enter the keyword restaurants in Pune, whereas others will says hotels in Pune and some might enter Places to eat in Pune. We will find out the most common term, called as keyword. Then, we will find out how many other websites have already capitalized on this keyword. If the competition is too tough to beat for the keyword in question, we will look for other keywords that are not as strongly optimized by your competitors but are still entered commonly. Once we decide what is going to be our targeted keyword, we will use it frequently in your website in the articles as well as at other places in the website that only a web developer can access. This is called as SEO Web Development. Once your website is up and ready, we will put references to it on other places on the internet so that your website gets credible back-links that are important for SEO.

In short, in today’s age of the internet, how to make money through a website is all about getting associated with a good web development company that knows how to conduct keyword research and competition analysis.

We discussed the example of a restaurant, but how to make money is a question asked by every businessman and virtually any business can benefit from a website. You may be an Architect, Chartered Accountant, a Doctor or any other service provider. There are people out there who are constantly looking for a service like yours by entering keywords such as Architects in Indore or Dentist in Bangalore. If you own a manufacturing unit operating in plastic moulding, there are potential customers on the Internet who have their own manufacturing units that require a plastic moulding service. They enter keywords such as Plastic Moulding.

When we conduct keyword research, you will realize that hundreds of people run keywords like these through Google every month. We will give you estimates of how many people look for which keyword that is relevant for your business. For example, only 20 people enter the keyword ‘Indore Architects’ but as many as 210 enter the keyword ‘Architects in Indore.’ Only a good keyword research will tell us this so that we don’t chase after a wrong keyword. We will also tell you which websites pop up when those keywords are entered. This will either tell you that some of your competitors are already making a good use of the internet to get this business from the Internet or you could be the first to start doing it. In either case, you will realize that getting a good website to reach out to more and more possible users is something that you must do, either to grow or to stay in competition.

This illustration shows that as many as 210 people enter the keyword ‘architects in Indore’ every month. However, only 20 enter the keyword ‘Indore Architects.’ Once you have targeted the right keyword, you will be spending your budget on the right path. As you can see, many people from Maharashtra are also looking for Indore-based architects. If an architect from Indore gets a good website and manages to get even 2 or 3 clients out of these 210 every month, it will increase business considerably keeping the architect’s conventional sources of getting business in place. Given the cost of a website, the investment would be a small one as compared to the resultant business.

How much does a Website cost ?

Not much. When you think of the investment in a website as a business investment you will realize that you invest a lot of money on your sales and marketing salaries, advertising, travel and so on. And all this investment comes in after you have got a good office and infrastructure. So, a website being a business generator, it demands only a fraction of your entire budget for a month. The web development rates we offer are on per page basis, which range from Rs. 1000 to 1800 based on the kind of website you want. Any discount applicable during the time of purchase or a usage of our web consultant will reduce this cost further. Basically, you can get an economical website at as little as Rs. 5000. But you should ideally spend a one-time budget of at least Rs. 20-25000 so that you get a premium website, which can be usually kept running at a yearly expense of somewhere in between 8 to 15 percent of the one-time cost that goes to domain renewal and web-hosting. When you are asking the question ‘how to make money by increasing your business?’ this cost is insignificant, because most of the businesses will recover it within the first few months of getting the website, after which the business from the website will keep growing as it gets older and more reliable in eyes of Google and other search engines. You would have to spend a little more on an e-commerce website, but it will also do retailing for you by selling your products or services online.

What to do to get a website ?

Before you get a website, it is important that you get proper counseling from an expert. If you know somebody, you can take their help, or you can simply avail the service our web consultant, the cost of which will be deducted from your website bill in addition to a 10% discount. Our expert web consultant will start the work with only one thought of how to increase business for you. He will review your business and based on that will recommend you the type of website you need and will inform you about all types of websites and available services. The web consultant will also conduct keyword research and competition research for you and will tell you which keywords you should target. You will also be guided on how many and which pages should be there on your website. If you have a certain budget in mind, the web consultant will help you spend it properly by selecting the right services for your need.

You can either take help of an expert friend or a web consultant, but you should do all of the above before your web development company actually starts working on a website. When it’s done, you will be able to picture the website before it’s created, which will help you get the right website.

Once you are decided, you can simply approach us (or call us on +91 904 904 4567) and we will develop a good website for you.

Which mistakes I should not make while getting a website ?

Yes, your web development could go wrong and you might end up getting a website that is not working for you. But getting it right is not so difficult as long as you follow the following:

1. Hire a professional web development company with experience and resources: Do not get an amateur web developer just because he offers a low cost of web development. If you do that, you might end up spending all that money for nothing.

2. Study competition websites: It’s always a good strategy to see what the competitors have done, before your do it yourself. If you don’t find relevant Indian websites, search for foreign websites in the similar business. You will get a lot of good ideas.

3. Gather your inputs yourself: It is your business that you are getting a website for. Your web development company won’t know its details. So don’t ask the web development company to design a website all at their own. Be involved in the process.

4. Take SEO seriously: Getting a new website is all about how to make money through it. So make sure that you are getting an SEO website and not just an ordinary website, which does not target the right keywords.

5. Keep evolving it: Unlike your office-space, it is very easy to keep making improvements to your website time-to-time. Keep studying the analytical data that tells you who is visiting your website and when and why. Keep changing your website based on this data.

We believe that this article will guide you properly. If you need to know anything, give us a call on the number below. Webland is committed to increasing business for you through web development. We would appreciate an opportunity to serve you.

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