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5 Tips to get business through web development

Back in the old days, say 30 years ago, only the big corporates and business tycoons were equipped to reach out to a wider mass to get more and more business, essentially due to their rich resources such as a go-getting army of marketing and business development personnel with a budget to travel anywhere in the world. Smaller units, however, stuck to conventional ways of being satisfied in a slow, year-by-year growth by operating in nearby markets. Within a span of just a few decades this has changed drastically because every entrepreneur, no matter how small, has one affordable tool at his disposal – web development.

Over the last decade we have read about several businessmen who have soared to the millionaire or even billionaire tag through the smart use of web development. This is not true only about people such as Mark Zuckerberg who have launched great websites, but also about several businesses who already existed and worked in different areas such as clothes, electronics and books and multiplied by their business by a thousand times as a result of generous investments in web development. But let us not talk about billionaires, or even millionaires. Most of us will be happy to achieve far modest targets such as taking our business to a five times bigger position. Let us understand how web development can help us with that.

How can web development get me more business?

Even as you begin to read this, you know in your heart and mind that scoring success through web development happens. Some guy named Shukla gets a website and suddenly his business blossoms. But you also know others named Sharma and Mishra who dabbled in web development, got themselves websites, but it did not work. So what is it that Shukla got right about web development and Sharma and Mishra didn’t? Shukla did following things right which made all the difference. Here are the 5 important tips about web development that you must follow…

1. Get associated with a good web development company. Avoid the temptation of low cost websites.

Web development is a serious business that should be left to the professionals. There may be a lot of companies offering free websites or websites at a very cheap rate... websites that you can build yourself. But know that your objective is not to get just any website; it is to get one that works for your business. Getting a free or a cheap website means setting out towards your goal on foot. Imagine, if you were to walk it to your office every day, will you get any work done? You simply won’t. But getting professional help for web development is what you want if you are to make a significant difference to your business using a website.

A website is like another branch of your business. You can call it a marketing office, if you want, which smartly convinces a visitor why they should hire your services or buy your products. Now, would you build an office in just a few hundred rupees or for free? You will spend lakhs and lakhs of rupees on it. The good news is that you don’t have to spend such a huge amount on web development. When you think of it in this way, you will not refrain from investing a proper amount on your website. And that will make all the difference.

Only a good website will bring you more business, and, the expert web designers who build it follow several procedures carefully. This demands time and skill, which is why a certain cost is charged for the professional process of web development. However, this cost is nothing as compared to the profit you can make later. But know one thing… just like a fort built as a movie set, an economically designed website will give you an impression of being strong and attractive but it will never serve any other purpose than looking good. And looking good satisfies not even the ten percent of a website’s purpose. The website needs to load quickly, provide security against hacking and deadly malware that’s out there on the Internet, needs to be user oriented and message centric and most importantly it needs to be search engine friendly in order to appear in the search list when a relevant keyword is entered by your potential customer. A low cost website will not solve this purpose.

If this website works for you, you would want to keep evolving it. And having a web development team at your disposal will be a true blessing.

2. Plan your website. Base it on a theme and take help of a web development company for this. Keyword research is the key to success.

Ever heard a motivating speech from a leader? Why does it work? Because it has got the right balance. It conveys the message perfectly without underselling or overdoing it. This balance is very necessary to impress your audience as well as the search engines that will make it popular. Identify a theme for your website and instruct your web development team to centre the website on it. For instance, if you are a fruit seller, think about your best features. There could be many, such as you offer fresh fruits, a wide variety of fruits, rare fruits, cheap rates or home delivery. Once you have identified all your potential USPs, you need to zero in on one. But trust this that you cannot pull your USP out of thin air just like that. Your web development company can help you with this in a great way by conducting a keyword research. It will provide you with the most imperative data that will help you understand what your potential customer is looking for. You may have thought it is ‘cheap rates’ that your customers want, but a methodical keyword research might reveal it’s actually freshness of the fruits that matters to your customers. Only the keyword research professionals at your web development company, who are qualified in SEO techniques, can conduct this keyword analysis and keyword research for you. Now that you know it is ‘fresh fruits’ that your customers care more about you can make it the central theme of your website. Not only will it be the first thing to be displayed on your home page, but your web development team will also instruct the search engines to think of your website when a customer in your city types the keywords fresh fruits combined with your city name.

Now you may be a doctor, an architect or the owner of a big manufacturing unit… but the basic principal remains the same. Hire a web development company to conduct keyword research to find out what should be the theme of your website. Get your website designed on that theme.

3. Write original and impressive web content for your website. Avoid copying web content from other websites.

A good web development company has professional web content writers in its team. If you are good at writing, you might be able to write good content for your website. As you know your business well, you might do a better job than anyone else. But, when you think about it realistically, writing is not everyone’s cup of tea. It is a skill that is mostly inherited by birth and further sharpened through passion and dedication. Unless you have got all these things right yourself, you should assign the task of writing the web content for your website to the same web development company that is designing your website. Today’s professional web content writers not only write content to take your message across effectively but they also know what will impress the search engines as well as those important visitors. The key to make your website bring in business for you is to get it featured in search results once a relevant keyword is entered by your potential customer in a search engine, and the content on your website plays a major role in making it happen.

But beware, if you copy your web content from someone else’s website, search engines will know right away and they will assign you negative marking for this, which means you have all but missed the chance to get popular with search engines. Original web content means that your website comes several pages up in the search, hundreds of pages, may be, than it would with copied web content.

4. Build an SEO website, not just a regular website that gets lost in the crowd.

We keep hearing the word SEO, which is a short for Search Engine Optimization. If you are spending time, effort and money on building a website, this is one thing that you need to get right. Once you have identified the right keywords and theme for your website, ask your web development company to design a website that has all the features a Search Engine such as Google looks for. The list of rules to follow while building an SEO website is a vast and exhaustive one. Only a professional web development unit would know all these rules and how to incorporate those in the website. Once your web development company has built an SEO website for you, it will start registering a growing bond with the search engines, which will make it climb positions in the search, month after month, if you get some of the other things right with the help of your web development company.

5. Promote your website, at least for the first few months.

Once your web development company has built a website, it takes a while for it to get noticed by the search engines. By the time it does, and, to a certain extent for it to get noticed quickly, you should promote your website through various means available that include paid as well as unpaid methods. Paid methods mainly include promoting it through advertising on Social Media platforms such as Facebook and on search engines through Google Ads. Unpaid means, such as blogging about your website, creating a video of your services for YouTube and spreading it around using Facebook and Twitter take more effort but do pay in longer run if you are persistent. This mainly creates reliable back-links for your website, which decide its success to a great extent. A well equipped web development company will offer all of the above services with a support of proper reports and data.